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It has been our great fortune to enjoy the company, companionship and love of Bernese Mountain Dogs for many years. It has been and continues to be a very rewarding venture to experience. Having puppies is of course, a pure delight, but it entails a great deal or responsibility, work, and dedication, all of which we take very seriously. It is always hard to see the pups go, you fall in love with each and every one of them, so it is important to us to find the best possible homes for them to live out their lives.

Our dogs are first and foremost a part of our family and enjoy time in our house. Our Kennel is established in Scarborough, Maine just outside of Portland where most of our pups come when they are 8 weeks old. Many of our dogs live in various locations around the state. Pam Lawler in Pittsfield, Maine presently hosts five of our females, Sage, Sandy, Nila, Dottie and Penelope, including our great stud dogs Sampson and Maverick. The Clemmer family in Auburn Maine host our newest stud dog Toronto as well two females and sisters Cheyanne and Jamaica. 

Our Dogs and Pups

Mermac Kennel believes that all of our Dogs should be pets first. Most of our Berners are placed with friends and family so that they will be a loved member of a home. We encourage people to come and meet our crew but depending on the Berner, they are in various locations.

Maverick is our most recent European import and is now the star of the show in Pittsfield. He is producing very large blocky puppies with great temperments and very good AKC confirmation. We are really proud of the pups that he has produced. They have his handsome build and markings. He has an excellent pedigree and is OFA Good on his hips, OFA normal on his elbows.

Sampson our newest stud dog lives with Pamela Lawler with her two other Berners, Sage and Sandy in Pittsfield, Maine. Sampson is young but already very big and has just started producing litters. We are very excited about this as he is both huge and super friendly. We are hoping that his pups will share those traits.

Cheyanne and Jamaica live with the Clemmer family in Auburn, Maine as does Toronto our biggest male now topping off at 130 lbs. 

Shophia lives with the Kings in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Rosie lives with Cassie and Josh Griffith. Taylor and Bond (Bear) live with Bob and Kit Schmit in Buxton Maine. Maggie lives in Scarborough with myself, Dan Mercer. All of our pups are home raised with love until they go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

We will try and highlight each female as they have pups but please feel free to call to see who is open as this may change from month to month.



Moxie's puppy Kodiac is soon to be featured in a national publication. Our pups have all been home raised with lots of TLC from friends and family as well as being raised with other pets. These dogs are children friendly with calm, gentle dispositions.

 Puppy Classifieds

Winter/Spring 2017 

We presently some very beautiful male pups ready to go starting in the first week of February 2017. They can be seen in Auburn Maine. 

Maverick and Nyla had a litter of 8 pups on January 16, 2017 with 5 males and 3 females. These pups are in Pittsfield Maine! They will be ready to go March 12, 2017. Tronto and Jamaica have a litter that will be born the first week of February and we are expecting 5 pups. 

We also have Ginger, Sage and Sandy all bred with Maverick so we are hoping for some other great Spring/Summer litters but we are still waiting to see how those litters develope. 










Other Breeds

While our kennel specializes in raising top quality Bernese Mountain Dogs, Mermac Kennel also raises other breeds.  We have litters available from these dogs on occassion. These pups will be listed when they are  available. 

Vixen our Light Yellow female Lab and Sir Cotton have a litter that will be ready to go January 8, 2017! Males and females now available. These pups represent 5 generations of breedings by our kennel with a focus both on AKC confirmation as well as health and temperment.

Call or email about the details!